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High in fibre & low in fat; no wonder we love a camera bag! – Part 5

Abby Lanes is our Los Angeles She Clicks member, living a mere 10 miles from Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Having studied photography from high school in the days of film and dark rooms, she soon fell in love with it. Despite choosing to take a degree in Business with a specialisation in Marketing, Abby continued to take photographs, winning a few contests during her time at college. In the early 90′s she worked as a writer and producer and E! Entertainment Television, but continued to photograph, supplementing her income by taking head shots. Finding Flickr  helped Abby to rekindle her love for photography – and Flickr is where I and other Click Collective members first met her – counting back I was pretty shocked to realise that we have been friends for over 6 years now! Abby is now a full time photographer, specialising in Lifestyle and Weddings, occasionally taking on a large commercial job.


This week she will be shooting three birthday parties, two of them at Disneyland. As wife and mother to two beautiful daughters (8 & 10), Abby shares with most of us a real difficulty in balancing and organising professional and home life. Finally, before passing you over to Abby’s glorious bag post, she has one tip that she wanted to share, particularly for those who are still in charge of new businesses.. “…stick with it. I met Joe Hutshing when I first moved here. He said one thing that really stuck with me. ‘Do what it is you want to do. Just do that only. You will succeed’.”


Thank you Abby for a wonderful friendship, for your beautiful photographs and sharing and generous nature – and of course for taking the time to complete this week’s Wednesday Bag Post! Boo xxx


The Bag:


I initially bought into the marketing idea that you need an expensive, fancy-schmancy, girly camera bag that holds lots of lenses and photography goodies.  However, I prefer fashion and variety in bags that can be purchased anywhere. I don’t like being limited to the costly camera bags currently designed for female photographers.  Also, I never carry more than two or three lenses at a time, as I’m just not that strong.  With that in mind, I returned an pricey, female targeted camera bag, and purchased two affordable black camera bags.

Lowepro Toploader Zoom 55AW (for when I carry the zoom)

Lowepro Toploader 45AW (for when I’m in the mood for a fixed lens)

Meanwhile, I carry fashionable bags that I love, and slip the Lowepro bags inside. The puppy print lens cloth fits in the outside pocket.


Distinguishing features:


Weather protection patented All Weather AW Cover™. It’s small enough to fit into larger bags for fashion or travel reasons.

*Aqua travel bag below bought in an artist village in London.

These bags have room for another lens, a pocket for extra memory cards. It has a large outside pocket, belt loop, and d-rings (to attach other things you need). If I place other lenses in the fashionable larger bags, padded lens bags protect them.

On My Wish List:


Nikkor 85mm 1.4
Nikkor 35mm 1.4


Inside ~ Essential Kit:


Nikon D700 (Black Rapid Camera Strap)
Nikkor 50mm 1.4
Nikkor 85mm 1.8 (the 1.4 is on my wishlist)
Nikkor AF-S 28-300mm
GorillaPod Focus
Nikon SB-600 Speedlight Flash

Lens cleaning kit (inside decorative bag, plus sunglasses and lipstick. Mints – I learned that from when I was a make up artist in my past. Bella Umbrella – an umbrella case with a photo of a bichon & matching umbrella, I love dogs!




My husband and I got married on July 4, 1997. We jokingly called it our “Loss of Independence Day.” My sweet husband asked if I would like earrings as a 15 year anniversary gift. I opted instead for camera gear, and romantically received the Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8 ED VRII Lens. It’s so new; it’s still in the box! We went to Charleston, SC for a restful getaway and I left it here in California. We returned yesterday, and I plan on taking this out for a spin tomorrow. Meanwhile, it lived on my wish list for 3 years, and I have rented it countless times. This IS my dream lens.



Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.d Di Macro Lens (can be used for macro or portrait)
Nikkor 24-85mm 3.5-4.5 (used less since I got the 28-300mm)

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amanda - July 4, 2012 - 11:16 am

Ahhhh a fabulous camera bag post…I want that first bag lol…always loved your work Abby…thank you for sharing xx

HELEN YIN - July 4, 2012 - 12:21 pm

how gorgeous is the peace backpack! Too cool!…

WENDY GRANT PHOTOGRAPHY - July 4, 2012 - 12:56 pm

I lOVE this post Abby and the fact that you ‘break the rules’ going for fashion and variety :) Thank you for making it easy for me to put together as well.

Claire Penn Photography - July 4, 2012 - 12:59 pm

Wow time flies, I think I ‘met’ Abby on Flickr in 2008! That backpack is so cool… I agree re expensive camera bags for girls, I bought a Kelly Moore B-Hobo and it’s now too small for all my kit so I’m using it as a handbag… kind of an expensive handbag! I too have a Lowepro but a bigger bag with wheely case that it fits into. :)

Jane Packard - July 4, 2012 - 1:15 pm

Great post, thanks Abby. I love that you’ve gone for smaller bags than one big one. The funky colourful larger bags are cool.. It draws less attention to the fact that your carrying around expensive equipment too which is a big bonus. Happy Anniversary to you both!! X

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